Product Description

Petsport Fido Flash is a convenient, portable flashlight to ensure that you and your dog stay safe when taking walks at night or in the early morning. This easy-to-use flashlight is small enough to fit into your pocket and comes with a carabiner to clip to one of your belt loops. This flashlight is great to make sure that you and your pet are safe when walking at night. The light will prevent you from missteps and injuries and can also be used to alert cars to your presence, to keep you safe from traffic. The Fido Flash is perfect for dog owners that love to take their dog out for night strolls or early morning jogs. This flashlight comes with the batteries included and is also great for camping trips. The Fido Flash is great for illuminating the way or as a toy to keep your dog entertained with light on the wall or moving around on the ground. The Fido Flash is perfect for dog owners that occasionally walk their dogs or night or ever need a convenient flashlight, so order it today! Key Features: LED flashlight is extremely bright Comes with carabiner to clip conveniently to almost anything Batteries included


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